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Edds 5 Jobs and Dream Job

Job Roles in IT


(Dream job) Web developer

Web developers design and make websites. This involves a lot of programming as well as the creative side of designing the user interfaces and making it user friendly they are employed by every type of organisation and will always be needed.

Makes 25-35 thousand pounds per year

Needs to know HTML and CSS

Software engineer

Software engineers design and programme software for computers such as operating and database systems. Software engineering can also involve a lot of interaction between the engineer and the client / colleagues.

£20,000-£40,000 per year

Qualifications needed: A computing, software engineering or related higher degree

Technical Support

Technical supports help troubleshoot problems in the IT world they work in many different places but mainly in hardware manufacturers and suppliers and end user companies helping to resolve problems and support people.

Starts at making £15,000

Software tester

Software testers anticipate ways a system/application/product could fail, they require a good understanding of code. Any of their results from testing are given back to there project leader so mistakes can be fixed  this job requires a lot of attention to detail and investigative thinking.

Project manager

Project managers organise people and resources to make sure projects meet there deadlines and requirements they normally manage an entire project from start to finish they require good experience and a good foundation of technology and soft skills.